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On this site the full version of my article
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« The Future of the   
world wind power ».

(the First part of article has been written in July 2006,
present edition – in March 2007,
The second part of article - in June 2008).

In article the analysis of prospect of development of high-power windturbines is carried out. This analysis show, that existing traditional 2 - 3 bladed wind turbines because
of lacks inherent in them do not allow to raise essentially gathering of wind energy (each separate turbine) and, in sense of appreciable increase of efficiency, have exhausted
the opportunities.

In article for the first time the new design of a rotor of the turbine is offered. It allows to increase efficiency (so to reduce cost of wind energy) approximately in 1,5 – 2,5 times
at preservation of the sizes of rotors. The result is achieved owing to increase up to 60 % of coefficient of use of wind power (Ńđ) and more optimum use of strong winds owing
to reduction in a new design of loading on blades. In addition to this application
of a design receives an opportunity to increase the sizes of rotors without deterioration
of their characteristics at an allowable rise in price down to powers 100 – 200 MW
on the turbine. The general increase in efficiency in this case makes approximately
3 – 5 times. As a matter of fact, the offered design is the next generation of wind high-power turbines.

The table Excel (458 ęB) with aerodynamic calculations of the traditional turbine with rated power 4.5 MW and diameter 120 m and similar calculations of the turbine of a new design is added to the article. The calculations of annual gathering of wind energy
by the mentioned traditional turbine and the turbine of new type for areas with 4, 5, 6
and 7 wind classes (mid-annual speeds of a wind 5,8; 6,2; 6,7 and 8,2 m/s accordingly)
and parameters Weibull K – 1,5; 2 and 2,5 for every wind speed is offered in same table. Access to formulas of calculations in the table is free, there are evident diagrams.

On this construction I have the appropriate Ukrainian patents of the invention.

In June 2008 on a site the second part of article is published. In it the detailed technique of aerodynamic calculations of the wind turbine is offered.
To a technique the example of calculation
(table Excel - 277 kB) a rotor
of the wind turbine in diameter of 240 m by power 120 MW is applied.

The submitted technique of calculations is unique itself, evident and it will be interesting
not only to experts in the field of aerodynamics and in the field of forecasts of annual gathering of wind energy, but also to people beginning acquaintance of aerodynamics
or wind energetic.

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